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santa monica movers companyMoving Company Santa Monica- Move with all valuables intact.

There are so many aspects to think of once you decide to move. For many people packing and protecting valuables becomes a concern. But Moving Company Santa Monica takes care of this aspect with their customized packing and moving solutions for valuables. Some of them are:
Silver and its care
Silver with its property to tarnish with air contact, has to be properly protected to prevent the tarnishing from happening. Moving Company Santa Monica uses tissue paper or plastic wrap and completely enclosing the silver in it. Every item of silver has to be packed individually as wrapping them together still makes them to tarnish. Once they are wrapped in plastic they can be kept in the box or chest and the empty space between the pieces are stuffed with paper to prevent any clashing between two items. Then a big cloth like a towel or sheet is placed on top and the chest is closed. A big sheet is also used to wrap the chest.
Books have to be first arranged according to different sizes and then packed with the same size books making a bundle. All the bundles are placed with their flat surface on the bottom of the box. They are not placed with spine facing up just to save space, as by doing so, the glue holding the book together can break away. Volumes that have expensive binding or books that hold a sentimental value are separately bound and wrapped before being packed. The books are not packed in big boxes as books are heavy. So many small cartons are used instead.

Photographs and frames

Family photographs and pictures that are framed exclusively are padded and cushioned properly before being placed on the edge of the boxes. Separate boxes are used to pack these photographs and any family videos or discs and they are not combined with the rest of the stuff.
Compact discs.
If the CD's are not in their respective covers, they are wrapped separately in tissue or plastic wrap to see that they are protected from any scratches occurring. The CD's are never placed flat on the surface but in layers standing on their edges. Books and hard cardboard are used between CD's after they are wrapped and then the top of the box is covered with a layer of paper before being closed and sealed.

Paintings and statues.

For paintings, custom made crates and cartons are used. These consist of bubble wraps and cardboard layers to cover them first before being packed into the crates. Frames are also taken care of similarly. Oil paintings are packed in a totally different way as paper is taboo where oils are concerned. Lamp shades are wrapped in pillow cases or lightweight towels and packed in a separate box that is at least two inches larger than the shade size. Statues, whether glass or marble need utmost care as they tend to shatter or crack easily. Customized packing is made for all these items keeping the customer’s needs in mind.

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